Dr. Oxford York, Ph.D is an advocate for patient health, safety and wellness. He is no “beginner” in area of comprehending the psychological, emotional and spiritual needs of those who face challenges with their health. He has a broad range of personal, familial and group experience in the area of young adults and adolescence who have been touched with cancer. He has worked for many years in critical care settings, home care and end of life care for those who are near their last breath due to cancer. His experiences have revealed many important qualities in terms of the simplicity of helping those to regain control of their life and techniques for providing a renewed energy, if the individual is willing and ready to learn.

Dr. York’s dream is to see OYCC grow and change the lives of young adults and their family. He will not give up until his dream is achieved. He brings forth a new experiential and lived perspective to the organization based on being a patient, healthcare professional and martial artist.