dr. G.Arena


I have been working with Dr. Goffredo Arena for years. One day I asked him if I could add his profile on our site to offer us support. He replied without hesitation ‘Of course Rosa, it’s for a good cause’.

I work with Dr. Arena in the operating room. He’s an excellent Doctor, Surgeon, and he does research on Cancer awareness. I can guarantee that he takes good care of his patients. He also performs laparoscopic surgeries and colonoscopies. Some of his patients told me: ‘He is very close to his patients, he is very effective, he is excellent at what he does’. He takes the time to talk to his patients and explain the procedure that he is going to perform, the benefits and the risks that this surgery can cause. He allows patients to ask questions relevant to their surgery.

Dr. Arena is very dedicated to his patients pre and post operation. I am proud to be working with a Doctor, Surgeon who does research for Cancer Disease.

Thank you, Dr. Arena for your support, very much appreciated

Rosa Di Paolo,

Vice-President OYCC.org – Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Health

*Reprogramming Malignant Cancer Cells toward a Benign Phenotype following Exposure to Human Embryonic Stem Cell Microenvironment
*Transfer of malignant trait to BRCA1 deficient human fibroblasts following exposure to serum of cancer patients
*Novel blood test to predict neoplastic activity in healthy patients and metastatic recurrence after primary tumor resection
*Adult colo-colonic intussusception caused by congenital bands: A case report and literature review
*Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the treatment of acute cholecystitis: Comparison of outcomes and costs between early and delayed cholecystectomy.

Word from Dr. Goffredo Arena,

Dear Editor, In March 2014 I went to Trinidad and Tobago as a visiting professor at the West Indies Universities. I gave 3 lectures addressing surgeons from all the Caribbean Islands. The first was on laparoscopic management of difficult gallbladders tips and tricks, the second on laparoscopic bile duct exploration and the third on laparoscopic management of colorectal malignancies. I also performed 4 live surgeries; a laparoscopic proctocolectomy with ileo-anal pouch, a laparoscopic low anterior resection, a laparoscopic splenectomy and a laparoscopic bilateral inguinal hernia repair.

During those surgeries, I mentored the local surgeons who performed under my guidance parts of the procedures.  Goffredo Arena, M.D., FRCS (C),

Spec. Vasc. Surg. (Ita) Department of Surgery,

McGill University Assistant Professor of Surgery Laparoscopic, Hepatobiliary and

Multi-Organ Transplantation McGill University Health Center To read more of Dr. Arena’s story, visit: https://flic.kr/s/aHsjZ5ACZP


Goffredo Arena MD, Chir. Vasc. (Ita), FRCS(C), FACS

General and Laparoscopic Surgery

Hepato-Biliary Surgery and Multi-Organ Transplantation

Assistant Professor of Surgery- McGill University

Associate Member Department of Pathology- McGill University Assistant Professor of Surgery chez McGill University

A étudié HPB and Multi Organ Transplantation à McGill University

A étudié General surgery à McMaster University

A étudié Vascular Surgery à Catania Medical school

A étudié à Liceo Classico Leonardo Da Vinci

A étudié à Leonardo da Vinci, Catania