Since a young age, I had a very difficult experience in life. I had lived the Violence, Psychological Harassment, Absence of Love, Rejection, I came face to face with death a few times. I lost my MOTHER at a young age, the detachment from her was indescribable. Throughout my life, I had made wrong decisions and I had to face my mistakes, I had to assume the responsibilities of those wrong choices. The easiest way was to be aware of my mistakes, to walk through it, forgive myself and move on. If you stay still, the scars and the pain stays in within you. To relive the same memories will only bring you down and bring illness to your body. I received help from professionals, and when I look back, I feel like they put me together like a broken toy.

I was judged for my decisions, I was criticized for my mistakes. I often ask myself, can people really have the power to judge other people’s life? The answer is “NO”. People they must look inside of their soul and figure out what is the meaning of their own life on this planet. We all have a mission and if we get hurt in different ways we must heal, go deep inside and heal the scars.
I did everything that needed to be done to heal and have a healthy life. Life continues after every negative experience, it was up to me to turn around and figure out haw to changed it in a positive way.
I was diagnosed with breast Cancer in August 2015. I was in total choc, I never said, why me. I embraced this terrible disease and once again life was challenging me. I had promised to myself that I was going to get through this horrible dark time of my life. I was aware of the risks, “I Live or I Die”. I decided to face Life versus Death, by remaining positive and smiling even when I wanted to break down and cry. I felt like I was drowning and I was fighting very hard to stay above water. It would have been easy just to let go, but I’m a fighter.
When I realized that I survived Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy, I felt reborn again. I see life differently now, cancer did change my life, I became humble, I look at life with Love and Compassion.
I would like to reach out to people in need, offer my help, my heart, a smile. But most of all to tell them “Don’t give up” because I’m here…….OYCC is here for you.

Rosa Di Paolo
Vice President of OYCC