Spirituality must not be confused with religion and as human beings we are connected by the spirit. Spirituality is base on the breathe of life and the way we make meaning of our experiences. Spirituality is based on the tools, strategies , readiness, willingness and ability to overcome and make peace  with the obstacles in our lives. Spirituality is based o the decision to chose life and live  the best tour capabilities and be comfortable ad not be conflicted by our decisions.  Our multicultural experts are trained specialists in the area of spirituality and spiritual care are avail at this stage to  counsel, guide or advise couples, families or individuals with regard to their values, their spirituality, as well as both their individual and couple dynamics. The spiritual care practitioner focuses on the human experience as the common bond linking theology, counselling and spirituality. A variety of approaches used include: The relationship between the stages of moral (human) development and the images of higher powers, how psychology helps make the difference between an unhealthy lifestyle and a healthy one, which gives rise to a spirituality that can enrich individual  growth and development. Our practitioner  highlight the role of spirituality in the emotional well-being and adjustment of individuals and aim o create reflective practice in each individual to question personal and spiritual growth. In addition, workshops and seminars will be given on the importance of spiritual practices , tools and the overall relationship of spirituality to the counselling process to explore meaning-of-life issues often presented by the experience of cancer in a variety of contexts, including, but not limited to, the quest for increased well-being, existential crises, life transitions, loss and death, end-of-life, and trauma.

OYCC aims to help our beneficiaries on to their quest of lived experience, the meaning they place on events, processes, perceptions and into the ways in which they connect these meanings to the social world around them.