Prof. York has 34+ years experience in the Traditional and Modern martial arts. He has commenced his quest for expertise since the age of 4.  He is grounded and has embodied in the martial movements and has devise a way to integrate the principles and movement into healing , strengthening and developing the mind , body and spirit. He views cancer as the catalyst for being to finally become Master’ in the martial arts as the lesson learned from the experience was invaluable and connected the principles taught but not understand b many in the martial arts. As a fighter and former  International competitor,  he has realized, related and lived the experience. Moreso,  he had adopted the philosophy which is the “Greatest fight or victory is defeating the self” . He has a wealth of knowledge and can help you redevelop the discipline and mindset to overcome challenges if you are willing and ready.  FREE Martial seminars are offered.

Personal Benefits of Martial Arts Training to the Experience of Cancer:

Enhance Memory/ Combat Chemo-Brain

Balance and coordination development


Goal Setting/ Motivation

Stress management



Personal growth by converting the traumatic experience towards POST TRAUMATIC GROWTH

Spiritual Development

Self-Defence and awareness building

New way of life


Prof. York

Martial Art Styles Studied/ achieved high Rankings:

Su Lim Hung Gar

Shorinjiryu Karatedo

Muso Jikiden Ishinryu

WTF Taekwondo Master Mourad

Koryukan Aiki-Jujitsu

Yamato Tenshinryu Bojustu

Heiho Niten Eishinryu