OYCC is 100% volunteer community service outside of hospitals. We are a registered and Charitable organization governed by two experienced individuals who have undergone the cancer experience but still have remnants of the disease. Founder Prof. Oxford York (Blood Cancer) and Vice President Di Paolo (Breast Cancer) are on a mission to touch the lives of individuals/families and  share the coping tools they used to make peace with the diseased keep moving forward.

All of OYCC board members and volunteer team members DO NOT get compensated. In the words, no one at any level receives a salary. All off our actions and services  come directly from the heart of liked minded individuals who want to help make the lives of individuals easier and to put a smile on face of each individual. No one that is part of OYCC is looking for a job, but instead has this need for altruistic behaviour and acts.

All of community based services are FREE.We run a low budget community service and raise funds to be given back to the individuals in need.  At times a nominal fee may be charged for certain events based on the amount funds raised. We give back 100% to those experience with cancer. We work very hard to help those in need of help.