OYCC Group Types: There are three group types being offered to its beneficiaries.

1. Peer Support: This is one approach beneficiaries will be able to remediate specific problems or to prevent problems through facilitated discussions. All of these group sessions will be themed to allow focus on symptomatic relief (for example, fear of meeting new people or alternative methods to alleviate symptoms). Another means will be through educating participants of problem solving strategies (For example, peers discussing ways or tips on how to overcome particular issues or symptoms). This group system will also assist in redeveloping interpersonal skills that can accelerate personal changes. For example, beneficiaries may be having difficulty in forming or maintaining current relationships and therefore new solutions can be learnt.

By forming focused peer support groups it will allow for meeting others with a similar or same problem and will alleviate the depressive feelings of being alone or not understood. OYCC is sensitive to the fact that it appears cancer patients view their problems as being unique and they may feel that they have a few options for making significant life changes. Also, they may be at a loss in knowing how to live well alone or with their loved ones. Therefore, OYCC ‘s peer group support will provide a sense of community that demonstrates to its beneficiaries that they are not alone (relieving mental and physical stressors) and provide confidence in that there are alternative methods for creating a different life. Its purpose is to give the beneficiaries a break and to allow them to try something different or reintegrate/ reestablish a social life in society. Online closed web forums will also be created on the main website to allow beneficiaries to express themselves freely and safely in a controlled environment.

2. Psychoeducational: This will be a very specific group that focuses on educating beneficiaries about their disorder and ways of coping during their struggles. It will be process oriented and time based skill development by one or more of OYCC volunteer staff specialist with beneficiaries who are relatively well functioning individuals but have an information deficit. For example, a workshop on energy conversation and adaptive devices will be given by our Occupational therapist to help relieve conditions associated with their illness or condition or treatment regime. Another example, stress management workshop can be given by our Fitness director on identifying and eliminating stressors to cope and move forward in balance. Another example, Illness has an impact on finance and our financial expert can provide advice on how to money manage during times of difficulty.

The goal of these groups is to focus on developing beneficiaries cognitive, affective, and behavioral skills. This will be obtained through a set of structured procedures within and across the group meetings. The goal is to ameliorate an array of educational deficits and psychological burdens. This group’s specialization works with imparting, discussing and integrating factual information. Another one of it’s intentions is to prevent and address specific problems faced by families in providing loved ones with mentorship programs, workshops and seminars on issues pertaining to stress management, anger management, resolving conflict and effective communication to be more supportive and understanding.
Furthermore, new information is incorporated through the use of planned skill building exercises. For example, learning how to build a budget chart from our financial expert and analyzing where and how to allocate funds while undergoing the challenge. These groups aim to relieve conditions or symptoms associated with cancer by providing life management guidance, mentorship and support to its beneficiaries to become and remain independent in the community.

3. Physical Activity: These group activities aims to combine and promote physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. The intention is to relieve conditions (i.e. joint stiffness or balance issues or memory problems or weight loss) associated with physical and spiritual suffering (lost for meaning in life and confidence) by providing athletic and recreational programs to support the well being of our beneficiaries. Trained personal in the areas of martial arts, fitness and self –care specialist (i.e, massotherapist or accupressurist ) will lead these groups.

The beneficiaries will be introduced to martial arts, such as, karate to develop, concentration, coordination, focus, memory work, balance and flexibility. OYCC has volunteer experts in the traditional martial arts in the areas of Karate, Boxing and Aiki-jujutsu. For example, Martial art forms (katas) are designed to assist participants with balance, flexibility, and memory work through slow and coordinated body movements. Boxing fitness classes will also be offered to relieve stress through performing coordinated movements, strength and conditioning exercise. These activities aim towards a means of connecting to yourself and others, establishing synergy and gathering energy from peers. Also, traditional martial arts will also offer meditation classes in the form of standing, seated and lying down, as well as, with breathing techniques to induce stress reduction and self-connection. In addition, these activities aim to empower, create inner peace and to balance the mind, body and sprit.

A. Retreat Types 1: Is based on simply giving Beneficiaries a break to socialize and meet peers. Its purpose is providing beneficiaries with a “time out” from their reality to socialize, relax and reintegrate into society through facilitated peer support.

B. Retreat Type 2: 2-3 Day retreat is where there will be supportive services offered in all three of OYCC’s group types. These will take place in remote areas nearing local hospitals and other clinical services within nature to reset the beneficiaries mind and to allow for complete change of scene and get out of the city. Furthermore, taking a time out and to continue to appreciate life. Other planned activities include nature walking by guided camp or retreat site tour guides, Medical clearance and/or stabilized control of the illness will be needed from beneficiaries oncology team physicians in order for OYCC to adapt to their needs , if necessary, and for accompaniment by one of their health care professional team members and/or supporters. Transportation to these events will be provided by OYCC.


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