The triad: Mind, body & Spirit

The concept of achieving balance requires one to be attuned and to develop strong self-awareness. The individual must find stability in the areas of mind, body and spirit. These three components all perform specific but yet interrelated functions to bring forth unison within the life system


The mind is a directive force, guiding the body and making decisions for the benefit of the body and spirit.  The mind contains rational thought, logic, emotions, memory, imagination, and numerous other qualities.  It is subservient to the spirit

The mind is considered to be the center of thought formation. It is the part of the self wherein you condition yourself to become focused on what you do, what you have to do. It is the one that governs the entire body and it is said to be the core of human process of thoughts. If you are able to have proper control of your mind, you will be able to manage how you are able to perceive your stressors and this will make it easier to handle them. Furthermore, this can help you to more easily attain high performance and will to overcome challenges.  .

The body is the physical force, exerting power over its environment, and carrying out the directions of the mind. The body often is guided and influenced by habits, which originate with decisions formed the mind. The body does have its own unique independent functionality. Despite that the body is subservient to the mind, it provides vital input that affects the mind’s decision.

The body is considered to be the vessel of the spirit. Therefore, you must be able to keep it healthy so that it can move forward and keep up with the hard work and the many difficult moments encounter throughout a lifetime. The body, with the assistance of to the mind, has the ability to enter a state of flow wherein it is brought in a state of motivation to be able to accomplish tasks successfully and to be able to attain a high performance level.


Lastly, the spirit is the most powerful life force within an individual. It is what OYCC names “Ki” the life-energy, an active principle forming part of any living thing and the universe in martial arts. Contrary to the mind and body, the Spirit is something that each of us experiences in a personal way according to our beliefs and / or our religion. The spirit is not bound by elements such as age, race, gender or culture. The essence of the spirit is based on connectedness and an inner sense that we are part of something larger than ourselves.

Furthermore, the spirit is the strength, the power that provides moral and ethical guidance to the mind and body. It is where you can form your intellect and tap into in order to make wise decisions. For example, the spirit guides in the decision making that involves how one may face an unexpected life event, be able to motivate yourself, to be able to reach your goals all throughout the experience. More times than realized, the spirit (Ki) becomes our only refuge that we can tap into its energy during times of difficulty to guide and re-energize the mind and the body. It is through simple practices and actions that lead to the level of awareness of this source of energy.

The Circle
Each person is represented somewhere within that circle, depending upon their personal experience, where they are in their life. The circle is a reflection of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses; it includes the triad: mind, body and spirit. The circle is what allows the flow of energy required to each part of the triad (mind, body and spirit) can do its job.

A Healing Circle is a safe place to bring up any challenges a person is having in life and to get help in seeing and healing the root of the issue. People find that when addressing the root of the issue, positive changes may happen in many areas of their lives (the branches).

Everyone should take care of themselves in order to understand themselves and be able to move forward throughout their life, whatever happens in their lives. After several time of taking care of oneself, we lose the concept of blame and anger against others. This results in peace in own personal life.

The ‘Healing Circle’ is a method of healing that helps remove self-imposed blocks such as judgment, blame, shame and self-condemnation that are in the way of experiencing balance, peace, and happiness. It is based on the belief that it is not people or experiences outside of ourselves that cause us to be upset. Rather, it is our thoughts, attitudes, and judgments about them that cause us distress.

The beliefs (from the mind) about ourselves are the driving force behind all of our decisions, which we are not usually aware. In this process you will become aware of the core beliefs that are guiding your life, and then teach to question their validity. There is an opportunity to acknowledge this empowering experience and opportunity to create self change, and that your mind is free to perceive events from a positive and constructive perspective of personal growth / development. Starting from there, it becomes easier to fully understand what is important, what is worth for you, what matters a lot in your life. There is always more room for peace in everyone’s life – no matter how ‘successful’ it appears on the surface.

Through physical, spiritual and counselling/educational activities, OYCC will give to each participant an opportunity to tap into the Ki (spirit) and to reconnect to their mind and body.