The founding members of Oxford York :Cancer Circle have realized that individuals aged 18 to 39 are often left adrift when it comes to psychological, emotional and spiritual support as they face the pre and post effects of cancer treatments. They are often isolated and have difficulty to balance their mind, body and spirit when facing pre and post effect of cancer treatments. The founder, Prof. Dr. Oxford York, has brought together colleagues sharing the philosophy of the circle of life very present in martial arts and created OYCC in order to provide a response to these needs.




President of OYCC- Prof. Dr. Oxford York, Ph. D.

Rosa Di Paolo

Vice President- Rosa Di Paolo, CNC., CPT.


General Secretary- Georgette Tanzimat, RRT

Executive Director- Elmostafa Benbouchta , Eng

Treasurer – Nunzio Trocchia, CFO, CA,



A team of 5 to 10 volunteers will organize 2-3 days retreat to help / assist rebalance the head, the body and mind of individuals aged 18 to 39 with pre and post effects of cancer treatments. These retreats will aim to support 20 to 30 cancer patients at a time. As a beginning, 3 to 4 retreats a year will be organized. But the number of these activities will depend of the needs and the financial resources of the organization. The organization will use the funds raised to rent the appropriate place. Volunteers will transport people without means of transport and the organization will reimburse travel costs. It is expected that the organization thus meets the needs of 80-120 clients /year. Other than physical activities, volunteers will also spend time discussing and, if necessary, provide references to these people. All information regarding these retreats and how to register will be on the organization’s website.

These services are provided free or at very low costs to people aged 18-39 years undergoing pre and post effects cancer treatment and at all stages of the disease, able to participate in this type of activity and refer either their social worker / nurse navigator or by their physicians. The promotion of this service will be done through the website as well as by Oncology teams. The benefits of this kind of activities has already been recognized by researchers in occupational therapy.